The Mountain Metropolis’s Land Design Project. Grenoble, from Plain to Slope


Mountains are both an intangible geomorphological condition of and a structuring identity marker for a good number of activities in the Grenoble region. And yet, they stand out because of their absence from metropolitan policies, which are more inclined to strengthen technopolitan activities than to renew their strategic content (Ambrosino et al., 2016). Such an absence calls the Grenoble metropolis project and its cultural basis into question – all the more so because the ambition “to assert its status as a mountain metropolis” and “to rethink its relationship with the mountains and their slopes in all its aspects and specificities” (Grenoble Alpes Métropole, 2016, p. 17) is an objective that is clearly stated in the planning documents. A careful reading of the Projet d’Aménagement et de Développement Durables (PADD – Sustainable Spatial Planning and Development Project), which forms part of the Plan Local d’Urbanisme Intercommunal (PLUi – Intermunicipal Urban Development Plan) tha...

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