Mountains and Mountain Dwellers of the Global South and the Globalisation of Tourism: Imaginaries and Practices


The call for thematic issues of the Journal of Alpine Research invited contributors to question the role the imaginary of mountains and mountain communities of the South plays in the globalisation of tourism. The globalisation of tourism can be defined as the historical process behind the spread of tourism worldwide. Both a factor and product of the different phases of globalisation which emerged from the 19th century, tourism has also been the agent of a specific form of globalisation which has produced its own type of flows and practices (Coeffe et al., 2007; Duhamel and Khadri, 2011). The Alps and the Pyrenees were the initial places that drove the invention of a new relationship to mountains in which a large part of contemporary tourist practices are based. However, mountains of Asia, Africa and Latin America began to be developed as tourist sites during the specific context of colonisation in the 19th century, and then in the second half of the 20th century driven by a global t...

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