Limit analysis method for active earth pressure on laggings between stabilizing piles


Abstract Stabilizing pile is a kind of earth shoring structure frequently used in slope engineering. When the piles have cantilever segments above the ground, laggings are usually installed to avoid collapse of soil between piles. Evaluating the earth pressure acting on laggings is of great importance in design process. Since laggings are usually less stiff than piles, the lateral pressure on lagging is much closer to active earth pressure. In order to estimate the lateral earth pressure on lagging more accurately, first, a model test of cantilever stabilizing pile and lagging systems was carried out. Then, basing the experimental results, a three-dimensional sliding wedge model was established. Last, the calculation process of the total active force on lagging is presented based on the kinematic approach of limit analysis. A comparison is made between the total active force on lagging calculated by the formula presented in this study and the force on a same-size rigid retaining wall obtained from Rankine's theory. It is found that the proposed method fits well with the experimental results. Parametric studies show that the total active force on lagging increases with the growth of the lagging height and the lagging clear span; while decreases as the soil internal friction angle and soil cohesion increase.

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