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LabEx certifies your project

Du 21/10/2015 à 12/12/2019

Are you looking to associate LabEx ITEM with a project, event, undertaking (or something else...) that involves societal issues specific to mountain territories? Do you want to put forward a scientifically significant initiative intended for a wide audience?

Our certification is intended for mountain players in different domains (scientific, political, social, cultural, private) whose project meets the above objective.

LabEx ITEM examines the project and responds to the request for certification, which can take different forms (on the condition that common interests are identified):

  • Support for distribution/publication
  • Partnership
  • Sponsorship

Please contact us for further information.

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The Valorisation Hub

, Du 01/01/2012 au 12/12/2019

LabEx ITEM promotes the implementation of processes intended to renew mountain territory development models by fostering collaboration with the stakeholders of these regions.

With respect to socio-economic stakeholders: events/places for exchange on topics such as City-Mountain relations.

With respect to the general public: mediation instruments such as the "Magic Mountains" interactive fresco.

With respect to scientists: a publication of works with the Editorial Hub via the "Mountain and innovation" collection, among others.

To facilitate research-territory ties, LabEx ITEM has developed open support schemes to underpin initiatives that emerge from the territory, with two underlying objectives:

  1. Overcoming the research deficit on short, medium and long-term issues via "support for emerging projects".
  2. Encouraging the organisation of meetings, debates and seminars to promote research-territory collaboration by "certifying" or "labelling" these projects.