The ITEM platform is a tool deployed as part of the Laboratory of Excellence for Innovation and Mountain Territories (LabEx ITEM) project of the "Investissement d'Avenir" (Future Investments) programme. Its purpose is to present the actions initiated and overseen by LabEx. Besides defining the actions undertaken, the platform is intended to promote the distribution of productions initiated or fostered by LabEx ITEM. It contains past, present and future news on the project and its participants.

With a view to building momentum around the "Mountain" object, the platform catalyses and promotes the distribution of information from a number of organisations connected to the Mountain: this information is clearly identified, and includes a direct link to the source site.

The search engine available on the homepage can be used to search the entire site. Under each tab, a more specific engine will guide you to more targeted content.

You are advised to create your own account in order to fully interact with all of the platform's functionalities and benefit from personalised content.