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Support for emerging projects

Du 01/12/2015 à 12/12/2019

Support for emerging projects is an opportunity to initiate collaborations between research and actors within the territory in relation to a specific need.

LabEx ITEM examines the needs (on the condition that common interests are identified) and provides the means to support the territories and the actors:

  • Resources (articles, reports, seminars, etc.)
  • Call for research proposals within its researcher network
  • Organisation of work placements, workshops, etc.

Support for emerging projects by LabEx ITEM involves a genuine partnership, i.e. providing data, resources for events or communication, and/or a start-up budget. 

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The Valorisation Hub

, Du 01/01/2012 au 12/12/2019

LabEx ITEM promotes the implementation of processes intended to renew mountain territory development models by fostering collaboration with the stakeholders of these regions.

With respect to socio-economic stakeholders: events/places for exchange on topics such as City-Mountain relations.

With respect to the general public: mediation instruments such as the "Magic Mountains" interactive fresco.

With respect to scientists: a publication of works with the Editorial Hub via the "Mountain and innovation" collection, among others.

To facilitate research-territory ties, LabEx ITEM has developed open support schemes to underpin initiatives that emerge from the territory, with two underlying objectives:

  1. Overcoming the research deficit on short, medium and long-term issues via "support for emerging projects".
  2. Encouraging the organisation of meetings, debates and seminars to promote research-territory collaboration by "certifying" or "labelling" these projects.