1st prize ITB BookAward 2016 to „Atem der Berge“


Alex Ploner (IMS) – Markus Gaiser (IMS) with the ITB Award and the book “Atem der Berge”

The bestseller photo-book “Atem der Berge”, published in the last autumn, achieved resounding success at the ITB BookAwards 2016. The book, which shows the best mountain photos from the last five editions of the IMS Photo-Contest, was awarded the first prize in the "Best Travel Picture" category.

Markus Gaiser und Alex Ploner, Kiku. International Mountain Summit (IMS) organizers, have always stressed the relevance of mountain photography. After the publication of „Atem der Berge“ this relevance has been clearly confirmed.

The photo-book, which includes a selection of the best mountain photos from the last five editions of the IMS Photo Contest, has gained critical success and now it has also won the first prize at the ITB BookAwards.

The Berlin Book Fair, together with the ITB BookAward, has awarded national and international publications for years. The independent jury seeks to bring attention to the best   publications in the field of travel and tourism. The expert panel selects the books after a careful examination and assigns awards in various categories.

For the organizers of IMS, and its main sponsors KIKU, Durst and DJI, as well as for the Bruckmann publishing house, the good reviews of “Atem der Berge” and the prize from ITB are the result of excellent team work.

„The photo book „Der Atem der Berge“ has been a challenging and unusual project for us. The result is not only a book but, instead, a real experience of the mountains: in fact, it has attracted readers beyond the fans of outdoor photos. Thanks to the excellent quality of the photos, the book received very good reviews both online and from the most important international newspapers. The great success of the book has necessitated a second edition just 3 months after its launch“ comments the Bruckmanns responsible Udo Zimmermann about the success of the book.

The awards ceremony of the ITB BookAward occurred at the ITB fair in Berlin.

The sixth edition of IMS Photo-Contest 2016 will open in May with some important changes: amongst others, there will be 4 different categories with 4 different awards. A moving exhibit of best mountain photos from across the world is also foreseen.

Press photo: © IMS

Submitted by Vincent Rauzier on Mon, 11/04/2016 - 10:40