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ISCAR : Comité scientifique international de la Recherche alpine

House of Academies, Laupenstrasse 7 P.O. Box CH-3001 Berne Suisse

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Main mission

The International Scientific Committee on Research in the Alps promotes international cooperation in Alpine research. In 2000, ISCAR was recognized by the Alpine Conference as an official observer of the Alpine Convention. In this function, ISCAR provides research and scientific expertise in the official bodies of the Alpine Convention, from which it takes up research needs.

Objectives of the ISCAR convention 1999

In the ISCAR Convention, partner institutions from six alpine countries agreed in four objectives:

Promote interdisciplinary research on the Alps and the transfer of scientific knowledge to policymakers and the general public.

  • Initiate integrative studies covering the entire Alpine arc.

Stimulate scientific research of relevance for the Alps  as well as their implementation within international or mountain research programmes.

  • Establish cooperation in the field of science within the Alps and with other European mountain areas.
  • Cooperate with scientific initiatives in mountain research such as MRI or GMBA.

Ensure the continuity and scientific quality of ForumAlpinum and AlpWeek to promote international cooperation in Alpine research.

  • Disseminate innovative results to stakeholders and policymakers.
  • Improve capacity building with partner organisations through participatory and bottom-up processes.

Take up research topics that benefit the Alpine Convention and advise responsible authorities on matters concerning the Convention.

  • Contribute to the Alpine Convention as an active observer and interact with its bodies (e.g. Presidency, Permanent Secretariat, SOIA, working groups, platforms, conferences).
  • Share knowledge and promote sustainable development in the Alpine space.


Scheurer Thomas

Membre du comité de direction

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