Bourlon Fabien

I’m researcher un residence at CIEP (Patagonia ecosystem research center), an institute linked to the Universidad Austral de Chile, and Phd student at CERMOSEM – IGA of the Université Grenoble Alpes. My research projects is titled : Territorial dynamics and tourism implementation in borderlands, Tourism development forms in Chilean Patagonia, niches and global issues at the end of the world.

This PhD project will address the following issue: What are the geographical logics when tourism settles in a peripheral areas?

Tourism is based on differences and the hierarchy of places with regards to their relative attractivity. Centers and peripheral tourism areas appear. Within a globalized world evermore connected tourism seems to settle everywhere and yesterdays neglected borderlands suddenly become relevant. In certain places, such as Chilean Patagonia, where the neo-liberal ideology is well set tourism niche appears and represent a wide variety of economical opportunities. New tourism movements carry socio-spatial changes that alter existing systems. Conflicts of interest related to tourism development can occur to such extreme that what made these areas attractive can affect its appeal.

Transformation of fragile isolated and unregulated spaces, where local actors are not involved in political decisions, have become an increasing challenge for developing countries.

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