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Granjou Céline

I am a research ass. Professor of sociology at IRSTEA Grenoble. My research unit (DTM) has been part of the LABEX Item since its beginning. My research interests include the politics of biodiversity knowledge and conservation and their relations with biodiversity sciences (for instance through the genesis and implementation of the IPBES - Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, and the development of forms of collaboration between researchers and nature managers). I am especially interested in the contemporary development of anticipatory practices and technologies aiming to forecast, prepare and preempt environmental changes. I was honorary appointee at the University of Western Sydney for two years (2013-2014), during which I came to better know the Environmental Humanities scholarship (close to the New materialisms philosophy) which explores the relations and couplings between human species and other living beings, ecosystems, places and matter: this is how the idea of Alpsols project was developed, also in relation to early discussions with soil scientists.

AlpSols is part of a collaborative research program involving the University of Western Sydney (Juan F. Salazar), ass. Prof. of anthropology).

I am author of 30 scientific articles and 4 books, among which: Granjou, C., 2016. Environmental Changes- the futures of nature ISTE/Wiley, London.


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