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Barthélemy d'Eyck (fl. 1444-1469) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The action of LabEx ITEM's Editorial Hub consists in promoting the work of partner unit researchers, both among the scientific community and for a wider audience in touch with contemporary mountain territory issues. Several levels of publication and distribution have been established to address this issue and the targeted audiences:

  1. Created in 2014 and overseen by LabEx, the "Mountain and innovation" collection (Presses Universitaires de Grenoble) seeks to present and highlight LabEx results among the academic world and a wider audience, including public authorities, and to promote a transfer of experience and knowledge towards mountain territory stakeholders. Here, the goal is to foster a multifaceted interpretation of innovation and its deployment, in order to build the mountain territories of tomorrow. Each year, LabEx initiates an appeal for the release of two new publications the following year. While the collection focuses on collective, interdisciplinary works, it will now be possible to submit papers issued from dissertation works to deliver innovative content to the research on mountain territories.
  2. Coordinated by the LabEx support team, two scientific blogs are now hosted on the Hypotheses.org platform:
  • the training department's "Au Top !" log, whose main objective is to present the various training actions organised within the LabEx framework, and to publish communications from the winter universities.
  • the LabEx ITEM logs are specifically dedicated to research, projects, dissertations and projects financed within the LabEx framework since 2015. These scientific articles are intended to present works and initiatives developed by the various teams, and thus share the challenges of research "in the making" concerning mountain territories.
  1. The LabEx collection on the HAL portal (open archives). Intended to support the researcher, the HAL-Grenoble Alpes-LabEx ITEM system promotes and disseminates work in connection with its research topics with a view to encouraging transdisciplinary synergies. A referencing of the publications which researchers consider relevant in the fields explored by LabEx ITEM is proposed with, in some cases, the full text of LabEx's own works.
  2. A partnership with the Journal of Alpine Research. This international, multidisciplinary journal publishes previously unpublished scientific articles concerning territorial and environmental issues in mountain territories.


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