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Du 27/01/2014 au 26/01/2018

Support for innovation through the dissemination of works by future or young researchers

As part of the ITEM project, LabEx organises a biennial International Winter University to promote the works of future and young researchers on the subject of the Mountain.

The call for papers mainly concerns young researchers: doctoral and post-doctoral fellows, junior researchers or researchers currently being integrated (contractual researchers, newly recruited researchers and teachers, etc.), as well as "Master 2" undergraduates (or equivalent).

The theme is very broad; it concerns innovation and transitions in mountain territories. The Winter University gives preference to papers that integrate innovative research from an epistemological, methodological or practical viewpoint (for example, via interdisciplinarity or co-construction). The LabEx Scientific Council is involved in the assessment of the papers and the organisation of the event.

Lasting several days and located in a mountain region, the Winter University seeks to create a favourable climate for exchanging ideas and for long-term involvement in this community of young researchers. The event's days are punctuated by communications, workshops, talks by experienced researchers, group outings and meals.

A summary of each paper is published on the training department's "Au Top !" research log. In connection with the Editorial Hub, a selection of papers may be revised for subsequent publication via one of LabEx's editorial tools.

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