Mountains and Metropolis, reciprocal peripheral resources?

Cité des Territoires - Université Grenoble-Alpes
Du 12/01/2017 au 13/01/2017

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To be able to live in mountainous regions, humans have managed to "cultivate" the water, soil, air, snow and wood. Wherever they have turned their attention to landscapes, ecosystem balance and territorial specificities, they have been able to take advantage of the singular ecosystems that underpin constantly changing economies, practices and lifestyles. Consequently, just as mountains have remained habitable for metropolises, so have, to a certain extent, metropolises for mountains. Covetousness and competition between high and low-lying territories seem to be on the increase with the effects of mobility, to reveal contrasting situations that are at times opposing, and often complementary. However, the peripheral proximity of one in relation to the other prompts territorial and architectural questioning: what are the habitability characteristics of one territory to the next, and how can they be qualified? Drawing mutual benefit from this proximity implies reconsidering what constitutes a resource, and re-questioning the stakeholders who interconnect, manage and profit from these mutual peripheral positions. How can we recognise the antagonisms, conflicts and relationships between these two specific faces of territoriality? As places of well-being, mountain regions offer exceptional habitability qualities (panorama, view, calm, silence, space, etc.) that allow metropolitans to discover and enjoy a direct and physical rapport with nature. Similarly, isn't it true that new activities are based on the added value of existing economic channels, or on the invention of new concepts, new forms of habitat and new tradeoffs? The same goes for urban or metropolitan territories, which foster the development of service, industrial, artisanal or commercial activities associated with transitions in the development of mountain territories.

Session (6) Mountains and Metropolis, reciprocal peripheral resources?

Thursdayi 12 January
Sequence 1 10h45 - 12h30 De la source à la ressource : solidarité entre villes et montagne pour la gestion de l'eau (From spring to resource : solidarity between cities and mountain for water management)
PREVOST François, Société du canal de Provence et d'aménagement de la région provençale (SCP)
Dynamiques touristiques et révolutions paysagères dans les montagnes du Lam Dong (Vietnam) (Dynamics of Tourism and Landscape Transformation in Lam Dong Upland (Vietnam))
DUCOURTIEUX Olivier, UFR Agriculture comparée / UMR Prodig, AgroParisTech , DERY Steve, Département de Géographie, Université Laval (Québec, Canada) , NGUYEN NGOC Thuy, , Université Nong Lam (Ho Chi Minh Ville, Vietnam), MOUNAYAR Marion, UFR Agriculture comparée / UMR Prodig, AgroParisTech
Développer l’économie numérique dans les territoires de moyenne montagne, un défi trop ambitieux ? L’exemple des télécentres du Cantal. (Develop the digital economy in semi-mountainous areas, an overly ambitious challenge? The example of the telework centres of the Cantal.)
SALGUEIRO Louis, LEREPS, Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès
Lunch 12h30 - 14h00
Séquence 2 14h00 - 15h45 New forms of urban-mountain relationships for innovative models of development (Les nouvelles formes de relations urbain-montagne pour des modèles innovants de développement)
CORRADO Federica, Polytechnic of Turin
Le Mercantour: un Disneyland (en mieux) pour les Niçois en mal de nature et de frisons? (Mercantour National Park: a disneyland for coastal urban inhabitants?)
Productive ecologies, Redefining the marginality of the Alpine city-territory (Productive ecologies, Redefining the marginality of the Alpine city-territory)
ROBERTO Sega, Lab-U, Laboratory of Urbanism, EPFL, Doctoral Program Architecture and Sciences of the City (EDAR)
La montagne et l’innovation : du lieu de production au cadre de vie (Mountain and innovation: from production place to living place)
GUEX Delphine, Geographisches Institut - Wirtschaftsgeographie & Regionalforschung, Universität Bern , CREVOISIER Olivier, GRET (Groupe de Recherche en Economie Territoriale), Université de Neuchâtel
Coffee break 15:45 - to determinate...
Round-table (under construction) Metropolises & mountain territories, High-Low-Centre-Periphery : resources as compass ? (en cours)

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