Préparation de la 4e conférence "Sustainable Summits Conference" (Chamonix 2018)

CERMOSEM, le Pradel - Mirabel
Du 01/03/2017 au 31/08/2017

The objectives of this internship is to look for initiatives related to the high mountains carried out in the Alpine Arc, the Pyrenees, and the other mountains of the world. Initiatives offering solutions in the following 3 themes :

1) Theme 1: Ambition and social values of high mountains

2) Theme 2: High mountain and climate change

3) Theme 3: Environmental impacts of human activities

The aim being to put forward during this conference solutions given to given "problems", to possibly provide answers to other territories.

The final production will be in the form of identification sheet for each action, and will eventually give short videos of presentation at the meeting of people at the origin of this initiatives.

This internship will also give rise to a research paper, which will focus on theme 1 (to be specified).

Submitted by Vincent Rauzier on Wed, 22/03/2017 - 14:24

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