Revue de géographie alpine / Journal of Alpine Research

Du 11/07/2016 au 27/12/2019

As part of its editorial policy, Labex ITEM has a partnership with the Journal of Alpine Research.

The Journal of Alpine Research | Revue de géographie alpine is an international, multi-disciplinary journal. It publishes hitherto unpublished scientific articles on spatial and environmental issues affecting the Alpine Arc and other mountains of Europe, as well as other mountain regions of the world. All the social sciences (geography, anthropology, sociology, history, political science, etc.) are invited to contribute to discussion and debate on issues concerning mountain areas.

Articles are now published in two languages, one of which must be one of the alpine languages (French, Italian, German) or Spanish, the other being in English. The objective of this bilingualism is to encourage the exchange and diffusion of ideas.
Today, the Jar | Rga is referenced by AERES, the Web Of Science, Scopus, DOAJ.

In 2013, the journal was celebrating its centenary. All the articles published since the first issue can be accessed on Persee.fr (1913-2006) and on this site http://rga.revues.org/ since 2006.

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