Revue Histoire des Alpes / Storia delle Alpi / Geschichte der Alpen

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As part of its editorial policy, Labex ITEM has a partnership with the journal Histoire des Alpes.

"Histoire des Alpes / Storia delle Alpi / Geschichte der Alpen" is a journal published annually by the International Association for Alpine History. It contains articles in French, Italian, and German. The proposed articles, before being published, have to be submitted to a double peer reviewing.
English summaries of the articles are provided. "Thematic" issues cover contributions on specific subjects related to the history of the alpine world. "Dossier" issues are coordinated by a guest editor and provide a forum for particular, non-commissioned articles.
"Histoire des Alpes / Storia delle Alpi / Geschichte der Alpen" is included in the index of scientific reviews acknowledged by ANR ans is index-linked by SCOPUS, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature.




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