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The Training Hub

Du 12/12/2012 au 12/12/2019

Set up in 2013, the ITEM Training Hub has two framework objectives: contributing to the development of an on-site "Innovation in the mountains" centre of excellence; and valorising research via training products at different levels.

The approach adopted for training operations: coordination with research and in the science-society interface. The Training Hub is characterised by a resolve to initiate actions that:

  • are innovative from an educational viewpoint,
  • are coordinated with research projects,
  • are related to the needs of the regions' players,
  • promote interdisciplinarity between disciplinary training actions.

For this purpose, the Hub uses three different levers:

  1. An annual appeal for educational projects, to facilitate the implementation of modules that respond to LabEx criteria.
  2. A focus on research training and the promotion of young researchers: i) through the organisation of the biennial international winter university, and ii) through the development of doctoral modules. These two points facilitate the implementation of innovation in the framework of research, through interdisciplinarity or via the actor-researcher link.
  3. Use of innovative educational tools to further the understanding of complex mechanisms.

Submitted by Vincent Rauzier on Fri, 15/04/2016 - 10:31

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